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Land for What? Building a movement around land as a common struggle

Tom Kenny

Shared Assets is part of the Land for What? Coalition, a group of organisations coming together to build a movement around land as a common struggle. Land for What? is hosting a number of events in the coming year – this one is a large convergence in London on the weekend of 12-13th November.

Today, as a country, we face huge problems – widening inequality, a chronic housing crisis, a dysfunctional agricultural system, multiple public health issues and impending climate collapse. Land is one of the root causes of these problems but is rarely discussed. This event aims to bring together all the groups who have a stake in this fight, be that urban housing and planning advocates, rural land and farming communities, health campaigners or climate change activists.

The coalition includes the Community Food Growers Network, Just Space, Landworkers’ Alliance, New Economics Foundation, Radical Housing Network, London Quaker Housing, Shared Assets and Ubele. Please join us to learn more about land ownership and the history of land struggles, to connect with people and share experiences, and to begin to build a movement for change.

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