What we've done

Innovation is at the heart of our work. When finding solutions, we always take a creative and dynamic approach. Our mission is to make land work for everyone, so we have created tools and resources for this purpose. Have a look through our innovations page to find out more about the exciting work we are developing.

Co-create with us the tools for you to change your community

We have developed tools and resources made accessible for all those interested in understanding the land around them, from organisations to individuals or community leaders

Our free-to-use mapping tool gives users access to a wealth of information on UK land. It's still in development but has huge potential to be a very useful resource for common good land users. Other innovations include our toolkits and guides that support community groups, social enterprises, and other stakeholders effectively tackle the issues they face. These can be seen in the 'Resources' section.

We are always looking for collaborators and are keen to explore new opportunities for innovation and to bring our creativity to tackle new challenges. Get in touch if you have an idea or challenge and would like to work with us.

View all our innovation projects

  • Land Explorer

    Common good land use requires quality information. Land Explorer is our new map-based website, displaying key information on UK land in a simple and engaging way

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  • Making Land Work

    We created a micro site to share case studies of 12 successful community land projects.

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  • Scaling Land Based Social Enterprises

    We explored how social innovations scale up and produced a toolkit to help groups make better decisions about scaling

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  • Local Land Economies

    How can small scale farming support local economic resilience? We created a suite of resources to help community food growers and local authorities work together to create better local food systems.

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