Land Explorer

Land Explorer is a free-to-use website that gives people key information on land. Try it now to find out about the land around you -

This new website represents 2 years work exploring the information needed for common good land use and how to get it out there. It is a free-to-use, map-based platform aimed at helping people who are trying to use land for the common good. It combines various different land-related datasets with an easy to use interface, and clear explanations of how to use the information. More information in this blog.

This first version of Land Explorer is likely to be most useful to people running or seeking to set up food growing projects, and people who are interested in learning a bit more about the land around them.We have lots of plans for further developments and are keen to get as much feedback as possible on people’s experience using it. (Feedback form here)

So why not try Land Explorer for free now – we hope you like it!

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Research reports and publications written by the Shared Assets team

  • Exploring Land Data: getting better information to common good land users
    Aug 2016

    Quality land data is crucial to making good decisions about land use. Our new report explores the information needed by common good land users and how to get it to them. It also highlights some of the most useful data out there and contains suggestions for data producers on making their data more accessible. We’ve published the report in html here (better for mobile phones), or you can download a copy for printing in pdf here.

    Download report

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Launching Land Explorer

We’re delighted to introduce you to our new website, Land Explorer. Land Explorer uses maps and open data to help you find the information you need to understand the land around you. Try it now for free at

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Opening up the Land Registry – a letter to Greg Clark

Accessible information on ownership is crucial to making land work for everyone. We recently brought together a broad coalition of organisations interested in opening up the Land Registry. There was a real thirst for change, and as the first step we have sent a joint letter to the Minister responsible for the Land Registry.

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(Data)diving for land data treasure

Shared Assets and DataKind got together 20 volunteer data scientists to explore how land data could help Ecological Land Coop find a new site. Here’s the story of the day

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Democratising Land Data

“If we want people to play a bigger part in our society, we need to give them the information.” Despite these words from David Cameron in 2010, lack of accessible data about land remains a problem. In this blog we explain why we think access to land data is such an important issue for land based social enterprise and explore some ways in which it might be improved. Let us know what you think.

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What information do land-based social pioneers need?

Is it possible for a single platform to give land-based projects the key information they need about the land around them? Our latest project aims to answer this question, and to find a way to increase access to data for common good land users.

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