Making Land Work

Using 12 short films and case studies we captured the strengths of 12 community land projects from across the UK and created a microsite to share learning about what makes them work.

We know that many community groups and social enterprises that manage land value peer to peer learning, gaining insight and knowledge from those running similar projects. We also know that many landowners are unsure about how community land management can be executed well, and that it is hard for policymakers to know how to best support the sector.

We captured the strengths of 12 community land projects from across the UK to make it easier for practitioners, landowners and policymakers to get a sense of what land based social enterprise can do, and how to get it done.

We then created an easily searchable microsite to make it easy for anyone to find the case studies that were most relevant to them.

You can see Making Land Work: Success in land based social enterprise here.

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Research reports and publications written by the Shared Assets team

  • Case Studies in Collaboration
    Oct 2013 | Clore

    The report utilises four case studies of shared management of different environmental assets that are in private, charitable, local and national public ownership. It identifies some of the benefits of shared management, the success factors that make collaborative approaches work, and the particular role of intermediaries in the process.This work was undertaken as part of the Clore Social Leadership Programme. [Read the full report here]

    Download report

  • Supporting Land-Based Social Enterprises
    Aug 2015

    This report explores some of the key issues to consider when supporting new land-based social enterprises. The findings are drawn from interviews with 13 representatives from social enterprises who received direct technical, business and training support from Shared Assets between 2013-15. [Read the full report here]

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  • Creating Common Good Land Use: A Briefing
    Dec 2016

    This report was created as a briefing for the conference on Creating Common Good Land Use, which Shared Assets is hosting on 8 December 2016.

    The briefing includes a short introductory segment on the issues facing common good land use, key discussion questions, what we’ve learnt about the issue, what we think needs changing and what we intend to do about it. It also includes an action plan for moving forward to create common good land use throughout the UK. [Read the full briefing here]


    Download report

  • Making Public Land Work: how social enterprises can help local authorities make the most out of their land
    Jul 2016

    This report explores how social enterprises can help improve local authority land management. It highlights the key ‘need to know’ information about local authorities and social enterprises, potential barriers new partnerships might face, and a range of ways to promote these models.

    The report draws on research and our wider consultancy work to introduce the key issues we identified. It also proposes a range of strategies for enabling social enterprises and local authorities to work together to make public land work for everyone. [Read the full report here]

    Download report

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The land-based social enterprise sector

This blog explores what we mean by ‘land-based social enterprises’ and why we think they are an important focus for our organisation. The sector consists of a diverse range of organisations united by social and environmental goals, and their need for and use of land.

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Working towards a 21st Century Commons

Shared Assets’ vision is the creation of a ‘21st Century Commons’. In this latest blog in our policy series we explain what we mean by that and why we think ‘ the commons’ can provide an excellent framework for thinking about ways in which collaborative land and natural resource management can be promoted and supported.

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