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Historic Flood Map

Jasmine Arnould

This page is designed to explain the ‘Historic Flood Map’ data hosted in our map-based platform Land Explorer. This data shows land that has been recorded as having flooded.

What is this data?

Historic Flood Map is a GIS layer showing the maximum extent of all individual Recorded Flood Outlines from river, the sea and groundwater springs and shows areas of land that have previously been evidenced to have flooded in England.

Why is it useful?

It should give an indicator as to likelihood of a particular area flooding. It also provides an interesting insight into the recent history of an area.

How do I use/ interact with it?

Simply look at the area you are interested in to see if it has been flooded.

What are its limitations?

It is not totally comprehensive – if floods have not been reported they will not be recorded. Some of the land that was flooded historically may not longer be at risk due to improved flood defences.

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License Info:

  • License: Open Government License (OGL)
  • Information provider: Environment Agency
  • Title of the information resource: Historic Flood Map
  • Date it was published: 01/10/2015
  • Link to the information:

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