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Land Registry Inspire ID

Jasmine Arnould

This page is designed to explain the ‘Land Registry INSPIRE ID’ numbers in our map-based platform Land Explorer. INSPIRE is a dataset that provides a unique number for each parcel of land registered with the Land Registry.

What is this data?

The INSPIRE IDs are part of an EU directive aimed at standardising land data across the EU. They are related to INSPIRE Index Polygons, which show ownership boundaries. Each ‘polygon’ is the indicative legal boundary of a parcel of registered freehold land, with a unique identification (ID) number.

Why is it useful?

Viewing the INSPIRE ID for a particular point on the map makes it easier to look up who owns that land, by using the Land Registry website. (see more in how to use, below). Excitingly, the Government recently announced that some 

When viewed in full this data can give an interesting overview of ownership in a particular area. Unfortunately we can not currently display the polgyons as we don’t have a license worked out with Ordnance Survey to re-use the data. However this is something we hope to arrange for future versions. When we have full permissions, we hope to be able to:

  • Combine INSPIRE with other data, for example land owned by offshore companies, or local authority assets registers,  in order to display actual information on ownership.
  • Allow users to make comments about a particular polygon/ parcel of land


As discussed above, we currently lack permission to display this data. However in future versions we would like to display different ownership groups. We think this would enable a really interesting overview of ownership patterns in an area, and also help groups looking for partners. This might include things like:

  • Land owned by local authorities
  • Land owned by other large landowners (central government, utility companies, church etc.)
  • A broad category encapsulating land owned by organisations with a public interest mandate (who might therefore be more receptive to collaborations with common good land users)
  • Other categories based on further releases from the Land Registry

How do I use/ interact with it?

To find out the owner for a piece of land, simply copy and paste the INSPIRE ID number, then click on it and you will be taken to the Land Registry website. Navigate to the INSPIRE ID search and paste in the number. You will be given the option to purchase (i) the title register, (ii) the title plan, and (iii) the flood risk indicator result. The title register  is all you need to identify the landowner. The title plan may also be useful if you want to see the boundary of the site. Each of the title register and plan cost £3 to access. You also need to register/ create an account with the Land Registry, and enter your payment details.

We would like to be able to link directly to the ownership information, however unfortunately this information is still only available after registration and payment. We are campaigning to change this at the moment, and there have been very promising developments in recent months.

What are its limitations?

  • Coverage: Ownership records currently exist for just over 80% of England and Wales. Registering ownership only became compulsory nationwide in the early 90s. This means that any land last traded before then might not be in the Registry. For some large estates ownership many be held in trust and never formally transferred, so this land will also be unregistered.much of the. Finally, no INSPIRE data is available for Scotland at the moment. If  the ID is described as ‘not available’ on Land Explorer there is a good chance the land is not registered.
  • Display: Since the polygons were created in part using Ordnance Survey maps, they can not be re-used (for example in Land Explorer), without permission from OS. We hope to reach an agreement to display OS ‘derived’ data in future versions of Land Explorer.

Learn more:

Licensing Information:

  • License: Open Government License (OGL). Although this is further complicated by the need to get OS permission to use the data. In practice this information can be accessed and used by individuals, but is not generally available for re-use yet.
  • Information provider: The Land Registry
  • Title of the information resource: INSPIRE Index Polygons
  • Date it was published: 14th August 2014
  • Link to the information:

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