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‘Making Public Land Work’ – how social enterprise can improve local authority land

Tom Kenny

This report explores how social enterprises can help improve local authority land management. It highlights the key ‘need to know’ information about local authorities and social enterprises, potential barriers new partnerships might face, and a range of ways to promote these models.

Over the past year, we have been speaking to local authorities, land-based social enterprises, and other experts on commissioning. We have also been analysing existing research and resources. In March 2016 we hosted a workshop to discuss the issues we’d identified and strategies for tackling them.

This briefing draws on this work, and our wider consultancy work and research, to introduce the key issues we identified. It also proposes a range of strategies for enabling social enterprises and local authorities to work together to make public land work for everyone.

The briefing aims to be useful to land-based social enterprises and local authorities, by:

●  Providing simple introductions to local authorities and land-based social enterprises

●  Highlighting the value of partnerships between them

●  Showing what problems they should anticipate and ways around them

●  Demonstrating the value of innovative local authority commissioning

●  Highlighting where resources and further work should be directed.

You can read the briefing here

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