Project Reports

Community Economic Development Programme

Community Economic Development is a way of looking at local economies and how they might be changed or influenced to benefit the community.

The Department for Communities and Local Government has supported the Community Economic Development programme for the past two years, funding partnerships in local areas to create plans that tackle issues in their local economies.

In 2015, we worked with three community organisations in London: Somers Town Community Association, Forest Recycling, and My Complete Focus CIC. We helped them identify the things they wanted to change about the local economy, and develop plans for actions and projects that might make those changes happen.

In 2016/7, we’re working with Vassall and Coldharbour Forum, a partnership of different organisations in south London, who aim to create a more prosperous community.┬áVassall and Coldharbour wards include parts of Brixton and Loughborough Junction, and they are at the front line of both gentrification and rising prices, as well as significant deprivation. The Forum are working closely together to acknowledge the conflict that these tensions cause, and are using the community economic development planning process to host conversations and events with as wide a range of people as possible. They are particularly interested in how they can support people with good ideas in the community to set up projects and businesses.

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