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Community Green Spaces guides

As part of our work on the Community Ownership and Management of Assets (COMA) programmes in 2015/16, we were asked to write some guidance.

We wrote two guides, both of which will be useful for community organisations, and local authorities, wanting to facilitate more community control of land.

The first, Community Ownership and Management of Parks and Green Spaces, focusses on the lessons learned from the COMA programme. It talks about the importance of clarity of intentions, both for the community and for the local authority, and the importance of relationships. It also explores some of the different models that come under the catch-all term “community ownership”.

The second focusses on the potential for transforming derelict or underused land through community action. Again, it focusses on the different models that are possible, sets out some ways of thinking about how you can approach reclaiming land, and showcases some examples of success.

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