Project Reports

Governance Review for the Tramway Museum Society

We are currently working with the the Tramway Museum Society, based at Crich in Derbyshire, to undertake a governance review. We will be engaging with Board members, staff, volunteers and society members across the country to co-create recommendations for a best practice governance structure.

The Tramway Museum Society is a well established and self sustaining organisation that has successfully developed and managed the National Tramway Museum at Crich. However the current governance system is in need of review.

The purpose of this commission is to review the governance and constitution of the organisation, and to make recommendations that will enable it to build on its successes and maximise its resilience, adaptability and entrepreneurialism in order to meet current and future challenges.

Any changes will require the approval and support of a majority of the membership and our approach to this work will be a collaborative one, that engages with, listens to, and informs the membership. It will aim to ensure that members not only recognise clear benefits to the society of any changes, but are able to actively support and implement them.

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