Project Reports

Supporting Land Based Social Enterprises

Between 2013-15 we were funded by Tudor Trust to deliver of a programme of free advice and support to over 40 community enterprises involved in managing land. We continue to provide affordable consultancy to land based social enterprises.

Between July 2013 and June 2015 Shared Assets provided free advice and support to over 4o land based community enterprises who ranged from experienced groups seeking to take on more land and develop their business models, to small and informal groups looking to establish themselves as organisations and develop viable projects.

In addition to one-to-one support we also ran workshops for groups and individuals involved in social enterprise approaches to land management, and undertook research with some of the organisations we supported in order to better understand their support needs and identify the value we were providing to practitioners.

You can read our research report “Supporting Land Based Social Enterprises” here.

We continue to provide affordable consultancy to land based social enterprises across the UK.


“Shared Assets are the most helpful organisation we have had contact with throughout the project's history”
"The ability of Shared Assets to do brokering, advice and expertise is amazing and helps us in areas where we have the least expertise"
“Advice to help us understand leglislation and land is invaluable”
“Many thanks for delivering a really informative and well-paced workshop. It was flexible and agile enough to be responsive to the participants needs whilst also presenting the specialist information.” - Jonny Gordon Farleigh - STIR Magazine

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