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Power in our smartphones and peer networks

Megan Johnson

Our goal as facilitators, convenors and partners, is to empower people to share their knowledge and expertise with each other. Here we share some of the laughs and lessons from our most recent network event.

Here are some pictures of what I look like when I think I’m filming but actually, I’m just taking selfies.


Take a closer look and you can probably tell that I was thinking I was quite clever at this point. I should explain, we were supposed to be making a short film as part of a workshop with Peter from Eden Project Communities. The task was set and with varying degrees of confidence, the group had put on their shoes and left the bedouin tent, smartphone in hand.

“We often have a strange hesitation when it comes to making videos ourselves. Our perception of what makes a video good is generally stuck in the past, when professional equipment and know-how was necessary. Now, however, most of us carry incredibly powerful filmmaking equipment round with us in our pockets, and the types of videos we consume on a daily basis through social media should be enough to break this misconception by reminding us that as viewers we are much more interested in compelling stories than technical mastery.” – Peter Lefort

Peter’s not a professional filmmaker, he’s a network builder. His workshop “DIY filmmaking to demonstrate impact” was part of a series of events we ran on unlocking the power of networks. Similar to Peter, my goal as convenor, was to empower people to share their knowledge and expertise with each other.   

I’ve heard many people, from different backgrounds, express frustration about the nature and sheer power that some corporations and organisations wield. But it can’t be denied that in networks we do have resources of our own. My own Citizen Kane moment may be yet to come, but I am genuinely persuaded to give it a go. That powerful equipment we’re all carrying around might sow the seeds for social change.

Find out more and connect with other network builders by following #UnlockingNetworks and check out our site Unlocking Networks.

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