What we do

The way we manage our parks, waterways, woodlands and green spaces is changing.

The organisations that have historically managed them are facing substantial cuts. At the same time there is a growing demand from communities for access to land, and an increasing recognition of the important benefits they provide.

We need new models of management that deliver better quality spaces for less money. But changing the way that we manage land isn’t easy.

We help clients across the public, private and community sectors develop new ways of managing land that are financially sustainable and that create livelihoods and shared public benefits.

  • These are often contested spaces with lots of competing and conflicting interests.

    We can help you bring different stakeholders together to create new relationships and make tough decisions collectively.

  • Getting the right legal structure is important but it can feel like a daunting challenge.

    We can help you identify the right structure and get to grips with governance issues, like accountability and representation.

  • How can we create a sustainable business managing land that has always been publicly funded?

    We can help you develop new business models that reduce costs, create new sources of income and benefit local people.

  • Across the area it seems like our only options are to cut services and to close or sell off sites.

    We can help you review your assets, identify new opportunities and create innovative solutions to make your land work better for less.

We provide advice, support and training, and undertake research that supports the development of new models of common good land use.

Our experienced and friendly team will work with you, not for you.

How can we help you?

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you make land work for everyone.


What we've done

We have extensive experience working with a range of organisations across the public, charitable, social enterprise and private sectors.

Past clients include Kirklees Council, London Borough of Lambeth, the National Trust and the Forestry Commission.

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We feed learning from our research, advocacy and project work into new innovations that help to make land work for everyone

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  • Local Land Economies

    How can small scale farming support local economic resilience? We created a suite of resources to help community food growers and local authorities work together to create better local food systems.

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  • Land Explorer

    Common good land use requires quality information. Land Explorer is our new map-based website, displaying key information on UK land in a simple and engaging way

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  • Making Land Work

    We created a micro site to share case studies of 12 successful community land projects.

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  • Scaling Land Based Social Enterprises

    We explored how social innovations scale up and produced a toolkit to help groups make better decisions about scaling

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