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At Shared Assets we believe that our land and natural resources should work for everyone.

Land based social enterprises are pioneering the development of new models of land management that deliver shared social, economic and environmental benefits, but they face significant challenges.

We undertake research, policy and advocacy work to identify what needs to change so that common good approaches to land management can thrive.

We work on a range of policy issues that are standing in the way of common good land use.


Practitioners, landowners and policy-makers all need knowledge and information about current best practice and existing models and challenges. A strong evidence base will also be crucial to make the case for systemic change.

Our research spans a broad range of land-based issues, and is communicated through our publications, thought-pieces and events. We bring together our knowledge of innovative approaches to practice on the ground, with the latest research and policy recommendations where necessary. Previous research partners have included the Forestry Commission, the National Trust and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

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Common good land use

At Shared Assets, we meet and work with many inspiring land-based social and community enterprises. These models of common good land use illustrate some of the most successful examples of enterprising community-led land management in the UK. Here are some examples.

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Cities, soils, food and farming

The next few months will be busy ones for our work on the Urbanising in Place project, exploring how our cities can support agroecological food growing. Here Mark explains what were up to – and why!

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Parting thoughts from Hannah

Sadly our colleague Hannah has moved on from Shared Assets, to, among other things, study sustainable food systems at CAT. Hannah was hugely impactful in the couple of years she worked at Shared Assets, and we’ll miss her hugely! She wrote a few parting thoughts for us, which you can read below. Follow Hannah’s next adventures on twitter here. We are currently recruiting for a new Consultancy Coordinator – take a look at the job ad here.

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