Current research projects

Shared Assets is currently involved in the research projects detailed below, several of which are seeking participants or collaborators. Get in touch via if you are interested in any of them. 


This project aims to translate the hopes and dreams of rural communities across Europe into supportive policy frameworks. Our role will be to facilitate conversations between people from rural areas which have been relatively more and less successful in recent years to see how they might learn from each other, and to support better access to land for new farmers.

Ways to get involved – if you are doing something innovative with land in a rural area of the UK and would be interested in working closely together for six months on an action related to increasing access to land, please get in touch.

Urbanising in Place

This international research project seeks to identify how we can create cities that support agroecological food growing. We have already undertaken work to map existing patterns of food growing in London, and the key issues and actors in the city. For London, many of these issues are related to the care or protection of soil and land, and we are exploring with other partners areas to develop action around.

Ways to get involved – If you are interested in, or have done work on, soil care, the legal protection of soils, or waste cycling and agroecological growing in London, please get in contact.

Public space for public good

We are working with Urban Pollinators and the Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research at Sheffield Hallam University to conduct an evidence review of the health benefits of public spaces (including the effects of COVID-19) on behalf of The Health Foundation, based on the experiences of community members and practitioners, as well as academic literature.

Reviving County Farms

In 2019, we worked with colleagues in the New Economics Foundation, Who Owns England?, and CPRE to investigate the recent decline of local authority owned farmland known as County Farms, and lay out recommendations for their rejuvenation in light of the climate and ecological emergencies. This year, we are delving further into the issues raised by the first report and Shared Assets will be helping develop a compelling new vision, and potential models for, County Farms, which take into account their support needs and  opportunities for them to deliver wider public benefit 

Ways to get involved – If you are a current or prospective County Farm tenant or local authority officer responsible for managing a County Farm estate, interested in sharing your experiences or practical ideas for the future of County Farms, we’d love to hear from you.

For past research reports, please click here.