About us

At Shared Assets we make land work for everyone.

We support the development of new models of managing land that are sustainable and productive, create livelihoods, enhance the environment, and involve local people in making decisions about the places they care about. We are environmental governance and stewardship experts.

We provide advice, support and training, undertake research, and advocate for changes in the way we manage land.

Shared Assets is a community interest company with the aim of developing and promoting new models of common good land use. Since we launched in 2012 we have rapidly developed a growing reputation as experts in this pioneering field.

Meet the team

Shared Assets is run by a small, dedicated, team with a unique mix of environmental, community development, research and built environment expertise.

Mark Walton

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Mark established Shared Assets in 2012.  He has over 20 years experience of working with communities on environmental issues and contributes his expertise across the full range of Shared Assets work, including our policy, research, advocacy, and advice and support services.

He has acted as an advisor to Defra, DCLG, and the Canal and River Trust, on issues such as working with civil society, asset transfer, and community engagement. Mark has a BSc in Biological Sciences from Birmingham University, a Diploma in Public Administration from Warwick Business School and is a 2012 Clore Social Fellow.

He lives on a narrowboat and is currently travelling the U.K.’s waterways.

Kate Swade

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Kate has been with Shared Assets since 2012, and is currently leading on a lot of our consultancy work with local authorities and social enterprises, alongside developing new projects.

She has over 10 years experience of community led regeneration and of working with groups of people to take more control of their environments, most recently working with ambitious community-led property projects at Coin Street community builders.

Kate is a trustee and chair of the estates committee at Toynbee Hall, and was a 2013 Clore Social Fellow, which helped her recognise the systemic nature of all of this work, and complete some research into systems thinking. She has a degree in Arabic and Politics, speaks good Spanish, and has a geeky appreciation for languages and how they work.

Kim Graham

Kim is the Research Coordinator at Shared Assets. They are interested in working with communities to design, implement and evaluate research projects which support common good land use initiatives.

Kim has an MSc in Agroecology and Food Security and is a member of the Cambridge Community Growing Group, a newly established network for community gardeners around the city.

Tom Carman

Tom is our Consultancy Coordinator. He has a background in business development, account management and support provision, project management and fundraising that enable people, projects and enterprises to build capacity and make an impact, particularly for land-based ventures. He is energised when working with organisations that bring people together in meaningful ways.

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Louis Smith-Lassey

Louis is the Projects Officer at Shared Assets. He assists across all areas of Shared Assets. He has an academic background in geography, urban planning and urban design, specialising in green infrastructure and its relationship with health and wellbeing.

He is particularly interested in increasing people’s usage of parks and improving green spaces in urban locales. Externally, he is a project lead (urban planning) for Black Geographers, aiming to increase diversity and inclusivity in geography and urban planning.

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Alanna Hill

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As a new member of the team, I’m both awe-struck and enthused at being able to work across the many facets of Shared Assets, with a particular focus on movement building and research. I am a member of ‘Youth Food Land Agriculture, a Movement for Equality’ (FLAME), the youth branch of the Land Workers Alliance; UK Youth for Nature; and I am involved with Trust the People, a project that explores, within community organising, deliberative democracy. I have also spent time being part of urban permaculture projects, activist circles, and land/food justice events.

My story with land has been fed by so many different areas of my life and interests – from the search for land accessible to nurture economically as a community, to directly facing issues within nomadic living, to being passionate about radically inclusive regenerative homes. I also have a strong interest in agroecology, paludiculture and structurally socially just systems. Everything is underpinned by issues that current physical and social narratives hold with land.

Christabel smiling in a red jumper

Christabel Buchanan

Christabel is Shared Assets Movement Building Coordinator.

Cordelia smiling in a garden

Cordelia Hughes

Cordelia is Shared Assets’ Communications Officer

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Non-executive Directors

  • Lauren Burnhill

    Lauren Burnhill is an experienced practitioner of inclusive, sustainable and responsible investment. Focused on the intersection of environmental and social development, Lauren advocates for long-term financing to unlock climate resilient economic growth for communities worldwide. In addition to consulting and advisory work, and serving on the board of Shared Assets, she is a Non-Executive Director of Just Share South Africa, an organization that works toward responsible and inclusive investment.

  • Louise Armstrong

    Louise believes our systems, including how we use and understand land, need to fundamentally change.  She works towards this through her work at Forum for the Future where she leads their inquiry work, including most recently Civil Society Futures. She’s also part of a team fuelling a community led park  – The Peckham Coal Line – in her local neighbourhood and a member of the pan European Citizens Lab network.

  • Rob Slinger

    Over the last 27 years Rob has owned and operated a number of SME companies in the manufacturing, technology/media and property sectors, developing many skills and garnering invaluable experience. For the last 6 years he has been putting that knowledge to use in other peoples businesses, through a consultancy specialising in marketing (brand+strategy) and team optimisation (people/ personalities/ performance).